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You might still be wondering...

How can counseling be helpful?

Talking with a counselor can help to
handle emotions triggered by problems
or stressors, even if they aren’t
dramatically life-altering or traumatic.
Counseling is known for its
problem-solving techniques and
reputation as a tool for tackling some of
life’s most difficult moments

Can I cancel my appointment?

Yes, sessions can be cancelled up
to 24hrs prior to the scheduled
session time. Sessions not cancelled
prior to that time will be subject to
a cancellation fee of the full cost
of the session.

What if my counselor is not a good fit?

Your care is completely in your hands. If
you feel as though your counselor is not
a good fit, simply cancel your
appointment and locate another
provider by conducting another search.
It’s that easy.

When do I pay for my session?

Payment is due at the time of
scheduling. If a session is cancelled
within the allotted time, your payment
will be refunded within 24-48hr of the
refund request date.

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